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Colo-Majic® Polymer Liners

Available in medium and large size

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Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Liners

Available in medium and large size

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Colo-Majic® Liners

After surgery for an ostomy, many people experience overwhelming anxiety and fear whenever they are faced with having to leave home. This is due to the prospect of having to empty their pouch in a public washroom. As a result, many of these people chose to stay home, rather than face the embarrassment and humiliation of this unpleasant task anywhere other than their own bathroom.

What if there was a simple salutation to give you back your confidence and freedom to enjoy life again. TRAVEL, GO OUT FOR DINNER, PARTY WITH FRIENDS, GO TO SCHOOL, or even PLAY A ROUND OF GOLF. All while saving you TIME and MONEY.

Colo-Majic® flushable liners work with most 2 piece pouch systems, and allows you to empty and reuse the same  pouch in less time, with no water, no odor, and no messy clean up. The added BONUS is the HUGE COST SAVINGS from buying all those expensive pouches. All you need is a spare liner in your purse shirt pocket.   IT’S JUST THAT EASY.