Colo Majic® Reviews

Read What Colo-Majic® Users Are Beaming About…

I Am A New Woman!!!

“I am a NEW WOMAN!!! I love the liners and have regained my freedom & independence. I’m finding out the world is still out there and better than ever.”

Nancy, Los Angeles


Best Product Concept For Ostomates In 50 Years!

“I was in the medical supply business including ostomy for 25 years. This is the best product concept for ostomates in 50 years.” Rob F. Mississippi


The Savings On Pouches Is Enormous

“The ease of use and confidence one gets when using your liners is worth it’s weight in gold. The savings on pouches is enormous.

Thanks for your excellent product and outstanding customer service. Having to deal with a colostomy is never in one’s life’s plans, and the shock, fear and confusion that comes with it can be scary. Your product has taken away the fear and confusion for me and let me return to just about everything I did before my surgery.

Again, thanks for a marvelous product. Keep up the good work.” Thomas, Florida


I Will Never Go Back To Just Using The Pouch Alone

“I will never go back to just using the pouch alone. I have already spread the word to other ostomates and will continue to do so.

My husband and I are retired and do a lot of traveling. Now we won’t have to pack another suitcase of just ostomy pouches!

I cannot thank you enough for bring this wonderful product to the market and making such an improvement in my lifestyle. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


I Can Fill My Suitcase With Clothes Instead Of Pouches

“Colo-Majic® liners have made my life so much easier. I do a lot of travelling and since discovering your liners, I can fill my suitcase with clothes instead of pouches! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Connie


I Just Wish I Could Have Had Them
After My Operation Five Years Ago

Your liner is the best way to make my life a whole lot easier. I just wish I could have had them after my operation five years ago. Thank you so much.” AB – Simcoe, Ontario


I Found Your Liners On The Internet
And I Haven’t Been Without Them Since

“I tell everyone I know that has a pouch and I advise then to get the Colo-Majic® liners. I lost my colon in 2007 due to Crohn’s, I found your liners on the internet a short time later and I haven’t been without them since.

Very thankful for your service.” Robert


Without Your Invention Life Would Indeed Be Very Difficult
We Call You Our LIFE Saver!!

“Since I have now to rely on a, what we call “baggy” system, a home visiting nurse suggested we use your product to ease the problem of cleaning the pouches we were supplied with.

The system we use is made by Hollister; however without your invention life would indeed be very difficult. We call you our LIFE saver!!

I personally would not know how to live without your product!!!

I thank you for inventing this product and hope that all people having similar condition as I have, become familiar with your company and product.” Harry, Ontario


They Allow My Husband So Much Freedom

“Just wanted you to know how wonderful these liners are. My husband has survived colorectal cancer twice and we had dealt with the colostomy until an Ostomy nurse “showed” us these liners.

She had never tried them but said it might be something we were interested in. We ordered and have been using them since.

They allow my husband so much freedom. He sells truck parts and is on the road all day. It is so great for him to just wheel in to a restroom and not have to carry a big bag of supplies with him. THANK YOU so much!

These liners are lifesavers!! Anytime we see an ostomy nurse we recommended the liners to them.” Dale & Debbie


I’m Just Thrilled. I Have My Life Back

“They came! I got my liners today.I was getting ready to go out to the airport to pick up a friend and the postal carrier delivered them today.

I was so pleased to get them that I put one on right away and took off for the airport and even stopped and had a nice meal. I felt so confident. I’m just thrilled. I have my life back. This is close enough to normal for me and I’m delighted.

Thank you so very much for everything and convincing me the liners would help. I am very well pleased with the liners. It has made all the difference in the world in my being able to handle my ileostomy. I don’t have to worry about how clean the restrooms are when I travel. I have to sit down to take care f my bag. I can just stand up and pull out the liner then put in a new one and I am on my way.”


If Your Company Ever Goes Out Of Business
I Want To Order Enough For The Rest Of My Life!

“I received the liners Monday … I can’t say enough about these! It is so much easier to have them than not have them. If your company ever goes out of business, I want to order enough for the rest of my life!” Carmen


My Mom Would Not Be Able To Function On Her Own With This Level Of Comfort And Self Assurance Without Those Liners

“My mom had a colostomy in early summer and after much research, I ordered your liners.

They did not arrive for a couple of weeks and let me tell you the difference between those two weeks and the day those bag liners came is astounding! Every ET nurse in London, Ontario was freaking out the first time they saw them and scrambling for pens to write down the name lol!

My mom would not be able to function on her own with this level of comfort and self assurance without those liners. I cannot say enough good things for them, I can’t believe that they aren’t just standard equipment. Thank you.” CB – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


What A Relief and Blessing They Are for Me

“I was thrilled with my first box of Colo-Majic® Liners. What a relief and blessing they are for me.” SJ – Riverside, California