Terms & Conditions – Legal Information

The Colo-Majic® company and its Colo-Majic® Liner products

Colo-Majic® Enterprises Ltd is the sole owner of the Colo-Majic® Liner and its products.
No other company whatsoever is entitled to sell or distribute the Colo-Majic® Liners product under any other name without the contractual consent of Colo-Majic® Enterprises Ltd.
Any individual or company selling the products under another name without the written consent of Colo-Majic® Enterprises Ltd. is liable to legal actions. The name “Colo-Majic®” is a registered trademark.

Product disclaimer

The information contained within this entire website is presented expressly for informational purposes only. In no way are any of the materials presented here meant to be a substitute for professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner, nor should they be construed as such.

Always consult with your doctor and/or other licensed medical professionals if you have any questions or concerns about your condition or before starting a new program or treatment. Colo-Majic® and its suppliers are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by this website and it’s tips and/or helpful hints.

Limitations of liability

The manufacture and dealer(s) accept no liability howsoever caused, including without limitation, liability of breach of contract and negligence arising out of the use of the product(s).


The liners are designed for municipal primary sewage systems. Please do not use in septic tanks, natural waterways, aeration systems or any posted areas where the disposal of personal hygiene products and the use of liners are prohibited. Keep the liners away from young children and pets as they may cause suffocation.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously at Colo-Majic®. Any information we collect as part of our ordering process is kept strictly confidential. We only collect information necessary to process transactions and provide the outstanding service our customers expect of us.

Your information will not be shared or transferred for any reason except to a successor to our business or as required by law. Colo-Majic® and its suppliers are not liable for acts of identity theft or information security breaches resulting from the transfer of personal, health or financial information through electronic means.
We encourage you to only use secure websites for processing personal, health and financial information or to use the phone when placing orders or asking questions of personal, health or financial nature.

Shipping Policies:

General information

All orders are subject to product availability. If an item is not in stock at the time you place your order, we will notify you and refund you the total amount of your order, using the original method of payment.

Delivery Location

Items offered on our website are only available for delivery to addresses in US and Canada. We also accept orders from international customers who are shipping to addresses in US or Canada. Any shipments outside of US and Canada that have special order should be discussed with sales representative over the phone or e-mail admin@colomajic.ca

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are based on the weight of your order and the delivery method. To find out how much your order will cost, simple add the items you would like to purchase to your cart, and proceed to the checkout page. Once at the checkout screen, shipping charges will be displayed. Additional shipping charges may apply to international shipments. Please note* that customers from outside US and Canada are responsible for customs permits for medical supply and extra charge that may apply.

If you have any questions about the delivery and shipment or your order, please contact us at 1 (866)611-6028

Products or Services

All purchases through our website are subject to product availability. We may, in our sole discretion, limit or cancel the quantities offered on our website or limit the sales of our products or services to any person, household, geographic region or jurisdiction. Prices for our products are subject to change, without notice.

Terms and Conditions Colo-Majic


The terms and conditions outlined in this document shall apply to the sale of goods by Colo-Majic Enterprises. By purchasing our products, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined below. Colo-Majic Enterprises may be referred to as “Colo-Majic” or the “Company” and Customers or prospective Customers may be referred to as the “Customer” for the purpose of this document.


  1. Conditions
  2. Colo-Majic Enterprises reserves the right to update the terms and conditions outlined in this document at any time. The terms apply to all product orders placed by the Customer and replace any earlier conditions that may have been stated by our Company.


  1. Sale Of Goods
  2. The Customer is responsible for ensuring accuracy of the terms of any order, and orders shall not be deemed as confirmed until the Customer receives written order confirmation.
  3. All orders placed are subject to availability of the product(s) and to the acceptance of the order by Colo-Majic.
  • All descriptions, illustrations and specifications listed on the website or in catalogues are for illustration purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual product.
  1. Order cancellations must be communicated in writing to Colo-Majic within 24 hours of the order being placed.
  2. Orders that have already been shipped cannot be cancelled, and the Customer is responsible for returning the product in its original condition to acquire a refund.


  1. Delivery
  2. Shipping charges are not included in the product price, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The Customer is required to provide adequate shipping instructions and address details that will aid the delivery process and ensure that the item arrives in good time.
  3. The Customer cannot hold Colo-Majic liable for any delay in delivery due to the inadequate provision of address information. If inadequate delivery instructions are provided or the Customer is unable to take the delivery, Colo-Majic cannot be held responsible for the whereabouts of the package. The Customer should make reasonable provisions for the acceptance of the item, or provide a safe place if they will not be able to accept the item.
  • All shipping dates are estimated, and Colo-Majic cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for items, unless otherwise stated by the shipment company.
  1. If certain items ordered are unavailable, Colo-Majic may send part of the order and send the remaining items when they are back in stock. This will be communicated to the Customer prior to shipping.
  2. A signature may be required upon receiving the item, which will act as evidence of the product delivery. Additional shipping charges, taxes and/or customs fees may apply to international shipments. Please note that Customers from outside of US and Canada are responsible for customs permits for medical supplies and any extra charges that may apply.


  1. Price
    1. The price stated at the time of ordering is the final price that will be charged to the Customer’s account. Where products are on offer, the price will be that stated in the promotional offer and the final price will be totalled at checkout.
    2. Payment must be made in full for the order to be complete and order confirmation to be sent to the Customer. The order will be deemed incomplete if full payment has not been received, thus the item will not be sent out for delivery.


  1. Returns
  2. If the Customer is unhappy with the product they receive, items may be returned to Colo-Majic for a full refund pursuant to communication via email or telephone between the Customer and the Company’s representatives.
  3. Products must be returned to the Company in the original packaging unless agreed otherwise. Product returns must contain a copy of the original order details and a returns note with the Customer’s details clearly outlined.


  1. Confidentiality
  2. By purchasing from Colo-Majic, the Customer agrees to the use of data, including but not limited to sales data and personal information, for the purpose of marketing, statistical analysis, and administration.
  3. All personal information and payment details collected from the Customer will remain strictly confidential to comply with the relevant Data Protection legislation. Colo-Majic agrees to undertake the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the information and to prevent the unlawful processing and accidental damage, loss or misuse of the Customer’s personal data.


  1. Liability
  2. Colo-Majic cannot be held liable for product defects that arise from improper storage, usage, negligence, intentional damage or failure to follow the product instructions.


  1. Any products that arrive to the Customer in a defective condition will be remedied by Colo-Majic and a replacement product or refund will be issued. If such case arises, the Customer must contact the Company within three days of receiving the item and outline the defects, condition and desired action.
  • Unless the items directly cause death or personal injury by product negligence, Colo-Majic cannot be liable for death or personal injury caused by negligence and cannot be held responsible for economic loss, loss of profit, loss of business or consequential loss arising from the product.
  1. The Company cannot be liable for force majeure circumstances that are out of their control.
  2. Colo-Majic cannot be liable for any improper advice or information given to Customers by staff representatives unless the communication is confirmed in writing.

Privacy Policy Colo-Majic Enterprises

 By purchasing Colo-Majic Enterprise’s products or using the website or services, you agree to the use of your personal data in accordance with the following conditions. Colo-Majic Enterprises may be referred to as “Colo-Majic” or the “Company” and Customers or prospective Customers may be referred to as the “Customer” for the purpose of this document.

Customer Privacy

Colo-Majic Enterprise is committed to ensuring Customer privacy and recognizes the need for the protection and confidentiality of all sensitive personal data and information. “Personal Data” shall mean any data relating to an identifiable person. The Company will make all provisions to ensure the confidentiality of personal data to protect the Customer’s privacy.

Data Collection

For the proper execution of services, Colo-Majic may collect both personal data, included but not limited to name, payment details, address, and non-personal data for the execution of the Company’s services.

From time to time, non-personal data may be analysed to help improve the visitor’s experience and help the Company to establish a deeper understanding of the Customer trends and website activity. Colo-Majic may use non-personal data to create marketing material, statistics or for administration purposes provided that it does not disclose or suggest the identity of an individual.

Data Sharing and Security

Colo-Majic agrees not to share personal or non-personal data with third party providers unless the Company receives express consent from the Customer. Customers can choose not to provide Colo-Majic with personal data, but this may result in the Customer being unable to make orders from the website.

All data will be stored on a secure server and Colo-Majic will make all reasonable provisions to ensure the safety and confidentiality of Customer personal data. The Company will also endeavour to prevent any unauthorized access to the data, and prevent unlawful or immoral use of the information. Personal data may be stored on the Company’s servers for a period of time after the sale of goods or termination of the contract.