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Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Liners

$34.95 USD

1 Box = 100 Colo-Majic liners

Regular size: works best with flange / pouch opening diameters of 1 3/4 inch or 45 mm. Colo-Majic liners are biodegradable and flushable. By using Colo-Majic Liners®, you can increase the wear time of your ostomy pouches by several days or more, improving your quality of life. Colo-Majic Liners® are a fraction of the cost of ostomy pouches. Medium to fit flange/pouch opening diameters from 1 ¾ inch (45 mm) to 2 ¼ inch (57mm) or Large to fit diameters from 2 ¼ inch (57mm) to 2 ¾ inch (70mm).