Why nurses recommend Colo-Majic® Liners

approved bu nurses

As a Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse and an Enterostomal Therapist you are on the front line of ostomy patient care and education.

Colo-Majic® applauds the important work you do to help new ostomates increase their quality of life after suffering traumatic and difficult changes due to illness and injury. Post-surgery, many people living with a colostomy or an ileostomy feel overwhelmed by the challenge of managing their fecal output.

Thankfully, for the past several decades, advancements in ostomy products have made this challenge much easier to manage.

Many, many ostomates have moved beyond surviving and go on to live happy, healthy and active lifestyles with their ostomy because of the confidence you’re able to give them through your education and product knowledge.

Colo-Majic® Liners are one important product innovation proven to help overcome the challenges many colostomy and ileostomy patients voice to their nurse caregivers.

Many nurses regularly recommend the use of our liners because they allow people to discreetly and cleanly manage their output – and save a lot of money at the same time.

Some of the immediate patient benefits realized include:

  • No messy clean-up: simply remove the liner from the pouch, deposit in a toilet and flush.
  • Quick and easy changes: in 3 simple steps the wearer can insert the new liner, reapply the pouch to the flange and be out the door in much less time than it takes to empty and clean a drainable ostomy pouch.
  • Discreet: using Colo-Majic® Liners allows more product choice for your patients, allowing more freedom in clothing choice and eliminating clips and other bulky drainable pouch closing devices.
  • Colo-Majic® Liners are compatible with most of the popular two piece ostomy systems you’re already recommending to your patients. Our two convenient sizes make selecting product combinations easy.
  • The Colo-Majic® Liners are affordable and help to reduce other ostomy product costs. Using a Colo-Majic® Liner with a closed-end ostomy pouch extends the wear time of the pouch, saving significant money for many ostomates.

Many patients express renewed self-confidence and proclaim increased mobility after they begin using Colo-Majic® ostomy pouch liners to manage their day-to-day output needs. Many nurses tell us their patients enjoy increased freedom, confidence and security because of the trust they have in Colo-Majic® Liners.

At Colo-Majic® we pride ourselves on our personal customer service.

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